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TennCare Screens
TennCare Screens
TennCare Screens

TennCare: Mobile-first Healthcare

The state of Tennessee lacks physical traditional health services locations (e.g., Department of Health Services) so the only option members have t access information about their benefits is through physical letters or by contacting call centers within the state. Subsequently, the state of Tennessee has been dealing with reporting transparency issues that are manifesting in numerous appeals by members. This project will hopefully allow individuals to manage their own benefits and reduce the number of filed appeals.

We created a custom solution to meet the specific needs of Tennessee, such as building in options for users to schedule and view their upcoming appeals, submit required documentation and update membership information. Additionally, we redesigned the document capture and upload flow in the mobile app and utilized a familiar interface (native device photo management), in a rich framework, to allow users to re-order pages, respond to multiple requests, and edit their verification documents all from their phone.

Impact (estimated, upon launch)
Deloitte is excited to support the soft launch of TennCare Mobile in Fall 2018 followed by a full release in 2019. The state is expecting to reach a large portion of the 1.4 million members through the mobile app, which represents 20% of the state's total population. Specifically the app will target low-income pregnant mothers, children, elderly and the disabled. 

Launch Date
Early 2019

UX Lead