SSC Advisor screens
SSC Advisor Screens

SSC Navigate

The first application created by the Education Advisory Board ( required extensive user research in order to understand the unique needs of the users, in this case, professional academic advisors. The goal was to create a tool that would assist over-worked advisors in their daily tasks as well as integrate deep insights, gleaned over decades of academic data, to help pin-point students who were potentially at risk of drop out or failure. 

Following the initial research, the SSC Navigate product has been in continual development and redesign, following an Agile approach. This has allowed the team to revise the product’s interface and functionality, as the user base expanded and the user feedback continued to come in. During the product's continual lifecycle, the team increased utilization of the product and was able to create an application that advisors are now using as their primary workflow tool. 


UX Lead, UX Researcher

Research Deliverables
Advisor Mental Model (PDF)
Concept Model + Product Features (PDF)
Executive Summary: Concept Testing Results, 1 (PDF)
Executive Summary: Concept Testing Results, 2 (PDF)
Executive Summary: Concept Testing Results, 3 (PDF)

Design Artifacts and Ideation
V1.0: Initial Success Progress Concept (PDF)
Final: Success Progress Concepts (PDF)