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SE: One Less Thing

Following the success of the advisor product, Education Advisory Board ( decided to branch into a new area for the company – a consumer product that was targeted to students. The project began with the same dedication to research that the advisor product employed, only this time, the research “hunt” was based on understanding how students think and a desire to step into a brand-new space for the company. The research then led to an a mobile-first application, designed to help students navigate their college experience. The concept was called One Less Thing. It included a native mobile application and a companion desktop site. 

UX Lead, UX Researcher

Research Deliverables
Student Mental Model (PDF)
Student Research, Executive Summary (PDF)
Journey Map + Feature-Release Alignment (PDF)

Design Artifacts and Project Assets
Application Model + Interaction Guide (PDF)
Detailed Spec, Course Scheduling (PDF)
Application Design Brief [Partner: 8 Shapes] (PDF)