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REFINANCE: Student Loan Consolidation

Navient needed to create an identity and application that would allow users to easily understand their options for student loan consolidation. Since the target audience was early to mid 20-year olds, we decided to leverage our in-house talent (many of whom had multiple student loans) to help shape the product. We were able to do some quick research, incorporate a personal tone and voice and create a flow that would allow the users to move at their own pace. We also took the opportunity to educate the user through helpful tool tips, comparative calculators and a variety of content along that way so that no decision was made uninformed. 

Armed with an aggressive timeline, the team came at the project from several different angles. We began with a competitive analysis, a mood-board for a unique brand and a voice and tone strategy that would create a comfortable, yet professional and trust-worthy tone. We also started with a mobile-first approach to ensure the lengthy application would hold up on a variety of devices, particularly for those who prefer mobile over desktop. 

UX Lead

Research Deliverables
Competitive Analysis (PDF)

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Specifications and Visual Identity (PDF)
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