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MyTN Screens

MyTN: Citizen-Facing Government

The state of Tennessee wanted to provide personalized service delivery to Tennesseans through technology solutions enabling improved customer service, operational efficiency, and taxpayer savings. They reached out to my team to help craft a one-of-a-kind experience that allowed hundreds of state services to be tied into one native mobile application. We also worked closely with the state to incorporate the MyTN brand across participating state agencies for a cohesive look and feel.

We came in and worked with the state technology team to create a unique framework that would allow a multitude of features and functions including:

• Touch ID for secure and easy login
• Integrated calendaring to keep up with appointments and due dates
• Enhanced security with native device ID verification
• User profiles to keep personal information up to date
• Photos and documents via application library
• Push notifications to alert users of new messages, capabilities, etc.
• GPS and geofencing integration for targeted content
• Personalized material to display based on service usage

Impact (estimated, upon launch)
• $26M-$55M annual savings opportunity
• Enhanced connections to citizens
• Increased awareness of state services and solutions
• Decreased real estate footprint
• Reduced redundancies and increased staff efficiencies
• Improved data analytics

Launch Date
Winter 2018

UX Lead