Various COP screen iterations
Various COP screen iterations
Various COP screen iterations

Endgame: Cyber-Operations Platform (COP)

In 2015, Endgame ( worked on developing a comprehensive cyber operations security platform (COP) that combined the best features from 3 federal and commercial products to allow organizations to hunt for adversaries within their own networks. This proactive approach was one of the first of its kind and helped Endgame differentiate itself from a crowded and competitive market. 

In order to help separate the company from its competitors in a saturated market, the Endgame UX team embarked on a large-scale research effort to understand the cybersecurity space, from the perspective of security operators (SOCs) as well as adversaries. Upon completion of months of research, a full mental model was created along with a competitive UX analysis to ensure we were not only providing the best user experience possible, but also one that stood out in a field of 49 direct competitors (as of 2015). 

UX Lead, UX Researcher

Research Deliverables
Security Operator Mental Model (PDF)
Competitive Analysis + Recommendations, Executive Summary (PDF)

Design Artifacts and Project Assets
Cyber-Operations Platform [COP] Specifications (PDF)