MSIX screens
MSIX screens

Department of Education: A Digital Transformation

Within the Department of Education, the Office of Migrant Education (OME) focuses on supporting migrant students and their families as they frequently relocate throughout the country. One of OME’s most critical products, the Migrant Student Information Exchange (MSIX), is a web-based tool that helps migrant students transfer their school records into new school districts throughout the year. While serving an important purpose, the website was out-of-date and not useable on mobile devices, which is how most school systems engaged with it. MSIX needed to be updated in terms of brand, user experience, and mobility. Deloitte Digital was brought in to lead a complete rebranding and web design effort for MSIX and improve the experience for its users nationwide.

Deloitte Digital partnered with the client and Deloitte account team to completely redesign and rebuild the MSIX website, using a mobile-first mindset and human-centered design approach. The initiative included a full rebranding effort, in-depth user interviews, and agile product development. Our work began with detailed one-on-one interviews with users of the website. The findings from these interviews informed in-depth user experience work, which included user stories, wireframes, prototypes. From there, expert visual designers created a complete brand experience, including new logo, style guide, color palette, and digital experience. Deloitte Digital’s engineering team used these assets to develop, test, and launch the new experience.

The result of this project was a new website that’s fully responsive across mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers, and brings the features that users need most to the forefront of the experience. MSIX is now a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use website that serves as a critical tool to help migrant students, their families, and the schools who support them. The new website has been rolled out for all users nationwide, and it has received positive reviews from everyone about its utility, mobility, and clean UI.

UX Designer, UX Lead, UX Researcher

Design Artifacts and Project Assets
MSIX Design system

"MSIX: Applying Human Centered Design" deck, (PDF)
Complete Set of Final Deliverables, RWD (available offline)

Research & Planning Deliverables
Sample Findings & Analysis, Independent Audit Report Draft [IAR] (PDF)
Sample Collaboration / Design Session - "Change of Residency" (PDF)
Sample Deliverable, Sprint 1, Initial Analysis Report (PDF)
Project Planning / KO Phase 2 (PDF)

Interaction Samples (download as MP4)

Mobile 1: Search & Worklist
Mobile 2: Move Notice