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Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate enough to work cross-functionally to solve a variety of digital issues for commercial, federal and state government agencies. I began my career as a web and print designer, then transitioned into a full-stack UX/UI developer and finally, in the last few years, have moved into the User Experience (UX) competency. My unique background means that I am adept at leading teams that create solutions which are aesthetically pleasing and technically feasible. I understand the unique constraints that face designers and developers since I spent time in both roles prior to moving into UX.

Additionally, I have been part of high-functioning teams and I have driven those teams to success through increased application and site engagement, growth in sales and revenue and through the creation of truly unique technical solutions, particularly within mobile and responsive application development. From early 2016 through 2018, my federal project portfolio included successes within various federal agencies including NOAA, DOE and SSA. 

After leaving Deloitte, I dove head-first into building a team and a vision for for UX at GoCanvas, a SaaS (40M ARR, 31% YoY growth) offering innovative mobile solutions for businesses left behind in the digital revolution. There I successfully built up a product-first research, design and experience team of 10 while also learning a true hands-on approach to how business gets done. I was fortunate enough to graduate from a custom-designed Executive MBA program while bringing true understanding of human-centered design to the organization and leadership and development to my amazing team as VP of UX. (see: Leadership.)

In the fall of 2020, I decided to spend a year (it turned into two!) serving my country and was chosen to become a Presidential Innovation Fellow for the Department of Justice. In my first year, I worked on the Civil Rights Team, creating accessible technological solutions for the newly redesigned and reimagined, as well as the beta roll-out of In my second year, I moved into the Deputy Attorney General's Office (ODAG) where I worked on high level strategic initiatives that spanned across the agency. In addition, I worked on several White House initiatives including The Safer Federal Workforce and the American Rescue Plan funding arm. 

When my fellowship ended, I re-entered the private sector as a Director of Design for CivicActions, leading design and research for our portfolio of Federal Government clients. I would love to return to the public sector, because I truly believe each of us can make a difference in the lives of every citizen.  

Feel free to reach out for a hard copy of my resume or browse the full experience below. 

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